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Kalani and Tyler have been spending the last couple of weeks on the North Shore and been scoring some fun size surf and some pumping barrels. Whether riding Beaters and Stumps at Beach Park or packing plus size tubes at Pipe, this has been a trip that reaffirms that Hawaii always delivers. Check out a few photos below and stay tuned for a full Hawaii edit dropping soon. Mahalo

    Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.05.27 PM tylertruck kalani toys palms kalanityler pupakea

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The last week in Southern California has left locals pinching themselves to assure that they're not dreaming. With the recent run of swell (and stacked forecast), 80 degree temperatures and unseasonably warm water,  it looks as though  El Nino is full effect with no end in sight.

The guys have been been clocking in at the beach lately and coming up with a trove of memorable waves and tubes. Friday afternoon Kalani and Tyler jammed down to the beach breaks to grab some shade in a few tubes from the hot Indian summer. After getting their feet in the wax on a few good ones, the guys were looking for something a little bigger. With Jamie O in town and his appetite for plus size shore break, all eyes locked in on The Wedge.

Sunday morning the crew paddled out in the dark and began pulling into some of the biggest, heaviest tubes the coast saw all weekend. The guys exchanged one heaving barrel after another an even managed to split a couple peaks (see below). As expected, Jamie felt at home in the meatiest ones and managed to snag the wave of the day.

Monday morning, with their sinuses still draining, Tyler and Kalani skipped lunch and pulled into a few fun ones at the beach breaks. As this rate the guys might be surfed out and it's only Tuesday!

Hope your October has been as good as ours has here. Check back soon and get it while you can!

Tyler and Jamie O splitting peaks. Photo | Michael Latham Tyler and Jamie O splitting peaks. Photo | Michael LathamKalani Wedge speed blur Kalani Wedge speed blurJamie O wave of the day. Photo | Michael Latham Jamie O wave of the day. Photo | Michael LathamTyler standing tall Tyler standing tallTyler fly away Tyler fly awayTyler tucking in Tyler tucking inKalani getting shaded Kalani getting shadedJamie and his Skipper Jamie and his SkipperJamie at cylinders Jamie at cylindersJamie about to dry dock. Jamie about to dry dock.Peak-fection Peak-fection

Tyler and Jamie O splitting peaks. Photo | Michael Latham
Tyler and Jamie O splitting peaks. Photo | Michael Latham

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