SINCE 2007

In 2007, a cultural surf and style icon was born. Catch Surf was conceived by George Arzente in Laguna Beach, California and is headquartered in San Clemente, California, USA.

Catch Surf revolutionized surfing by introducing a line of high performance and radical looking soft surfboards; by leading in quality, innovation, style and performance; Catch Surf has been able to get many of the top pros to join the team and progress the concept to the max; by surfing massive waves, doing huge airs and simply having more fun than anyone else.

Catch Surf carries this same avant-garde attitude towards fashion with its premium line of men’s clothing in a timeless and classic surf-prep style all its own.

Catch Surf is 100% surfer owned and operated and can be found at the finest surf shops, online at and at its new Laguna Beach flagship store.

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Imagine if you were able to live out a childhood dream and take a risk with the purest intention of making something bold, iconic and special; not motivated purely by profit; but by a genuine passion to live the dream, bring fun back to surfing and forge an authentic new style. This is how Catch Surf was born and what continues to inspire it today.

George Arzente is the founder, owner and president of Catch Surf.

George spent his early childhood in and was influenced by Monterey, California; where surfers and neon 80’s style dominated the scene. Being the son of an Army pilot, George was then transplanted to landlocked Tennessee; where he grew up skateboarding and dreaming of surfing the waves of southern California. In 2007, after grinding on Wall Street, George made that dream a reality and moved to Laguna Beach, California. He surfed every day and it was in the line-up that Catch Surf was conceived. Ten years later the rest is history.

George has been very fortunate to work with a dream team and industry legends to help carry out the vision for Catch Surf.