Random Pix Wednesday

Blair Conklin Catch Surf Odysea Stump surfboard Blair Conklin fully stuffed in a Southern California pipe on his Odysea Stump. Pic. Corrine Conklin


Kalani Robb showing Tyler Stanaland his fins the other morning at Salt Creek.


Kalani and Tyler not complaining...

Catch Surf Smith Bros Re-issue Beater squad tee

Custom stamping up some new Catch Surf shred sleds for Koa and Alex Smith including a couple of their new re-issue Beater pro models.

Nick Holdman Catch Surf clothing

Catch Surf grom Nick Holdman blasting one in San Diego.

Ricky Miller Virginia Beach Catch Surf Odysea LOG

Ricky Miller soaking up some tube time in Virginia Beach (yes, Virginia Beach..) yesterday on his trusty 7' Catch Surf Odysea Log. Pic. Geoff Martin


Tyler Stanaland right place right time yesterday on the Odysea Skipper.

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