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Boog Skim (45") x Blair Conklin PRO

Boog Skim (45") x Blair Conklin PRO

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The Boog Skim is a specially designed bodyboard perfect for skimboarding yet still shreds for both stand-up and prone ripping! It’s soft yet durable construction means less injuries and quicker learning curve when it comes to skimming! Designed by 3X Skimboarding World Champ Blair Conklin, this little beast is the perfect answer to summertime flatness all the way up to wedging shorebreak!


  • Blair Conklin Signature Model.
  • Custom Bodyboard Shape ideal for Skimboarding.
  • Specially Engineered Skim-Style Rocker.
  • Durable Dual Composite (DCC) Core
  • Dual Graphite Stringers for Extra Strength
  • Durable HDPE Slick Bottom
  • Old School Polyethylene (PE) Deck and Outer Rails
  • Crosslink Nose and Tail Bumpers
  • Custom Rolled Mini Crescent Tail

 Designed by Catch Surf ® in California. Made in Taiwan.

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